XL company was founded in 1999, when 5 colleagues that were working within a market leader at the time, saw the opportunity that was evidently growing in China to expand the home slipper and leisure shoes business towards a more profitable direction.

With original designs, a professional background in shoe technology and a hands on quality control team based in China, XL was to become a strong competitor.

The aim of the company is to develop and create a home slipper and leisure shoe collection for all genres. Which would be supplied to National and International companies which are interested in increasing the range of their products with private label in alternative to our brands .

XL collaborates with European designers with a passion for Italian fashion and follows the development process from the original sketch to the end product.

XL creates its collections based on accurate market analysis and personalises them in synergy with the customers requirements with there designers or our own designers.

XL guarantees the sample process, technical engineering , the production and the quality control of the final products.

XL is the unique partner to your company’s needs.